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Calling all Wine Industry Workers - Break Free From the Stress Epidemic: Opt for Wellness!

Women-working-on-a-farmAs the wine-making vintage season approaches, we are all aware of the stress and demands it brings to the hardworking community here in McLaren Vale. Our tranquil Southern Vales, nestled in the heart of one of Australia’s most famous Fleurieu wine regions, transforms into a bustling hive during this period, and the tension can take a toll on everyone involved – from the winery owners and grape pickers to the bottlers, distributors, cellar door and restaurant staff.

Navigating the Stress Epidemic

With this in mind, we are conducting our first workshop this year, ‘The Stress Epidemic & How to Opt Out’ on 20th March at 6 pm. Led by Dr. Kara Martelle (Chiropractor), this gathering aims to shed light on the science of stress and provide helpful coping mechanisms.

A Focus on You

We understand the unique pressures that you, the heroes of the agricultural industry, face through these demanding times. The focus is on you, though we also welcome busy mums, business owners, and sole traders to join us on this journey towards better health and balance.

Discover the Power of Chiropractic

In this session, Dr Kara Martelle (Chiropractor) will delve into how chiropractic helps you opt out of the stress epidemic and enhance your wellbeing. You can’t pour from an empty cup; take this opportunity to prioritise your health amidst the busyness of the wine season.

Exclusive Offers & Limited Seats

The workshop also comes with referral rewards and special discounts for new patients. Invite a friend to join you in this endeavour, and we’ll express our gratitude by offering you a complimentary adjustment. Seats are limited to 20 to maintain a cosy, intimate atmosphere, so make sure to secure your spot before they run out.

Today’s the day to opt out of the stress epidemic and choose wellness. Register for your free ticket on our Eventbrite page now and take the first step towards subtracting stress from your life and adding more happiness and balance!


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