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Meet the Team at McLaren Vale Chiropractic Centre

At McLaren Vale Chiropractic Centre, our goal is to offer you a wide range of services to help you meet your specific goals for health and wellness. Our entire team believes in a patient-centred approach that is customised to you and your unique goals.

Dr Kara profile

Dr Kara Martelle

B. Chiro, B. Hum

Growing up in Texas, Kara wasn’t a fan of going to the family chiropractor. But when she was about 13, she developed unusual pain in her mid back and a visit to the chiropractor was in order. X-rays revealed she had a sideways curve (scoliosis) that was causing her pain. After about three months of care, repeat x-rays showed that her spine had straightened – and Kara became a faithful chiropractic patient and encouraged all of her friends and family to follow in her footsteps.

Driven by a strong desire to actively improve other people’s lives narrowed down her options when she later considered career pathways in high school. She remembered the community aspect of her family chiropractor’s office and how encouraged and supported people felt on their healing journeys, and she decided this was the path she wanted to devote her life to.

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Dr Phil Tume profile

Phil Tume

Practice Manager

Phil Tume served in the Australian Army for 14 years, where he gained valuable experience in administrative and operational duties across various areas. When Phil and Kara acquired McLaren Vale Chiropractic Centre, Phil’s background made him the perfect fit for handling back-of-house operations.

Phil holds an MBA specializing in Change Management and HR from Deakin University, graduating in 2021. He believes in continuous development and actively pursues professional growth. Currently, Phil is expanding his horizons by learning Spanish and engaging in other activities that foster personal and professional advancement, such as overseeing renovations at the practice.

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The Fulfillment Found in Contribution

While Phil is not a chiropractor himself, he finds immense fulfillment in contributing to the practice and making a tangible difference within the community. Witnessing the transformation from day one to month three brings Phil joy and inspires him to continue creating a positive impact.

Life Beyond the Practice

Outside of work, Phil immerses himself in nature and enjoys camping, hiking, caving, and all sorts of outdoor adventures. His ideal weekend involves spending quality time with friends and loved ones, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

Phil and Kara have two adorable dogs who are an integral part of their lives. Kara brought Sadie, her beloved cocker spaniel, while Phil shares his life with Bruce, a German Shepherd x Bull Arab mix. Together, they share a lifelong goal of helping transform McLaren Vale into a blue zone, where a higher-than-average number of residents live past 100.

Amy profile

Amy Williams

Remedial Massage Therapist

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the power of massage therapy, Amy aims to help clients prioritise self-care and lead pain-free lives.

Having personally experienced the life-changing benefits of remedial massage, Amy was inspired to pursue a career in the field. As a former chronic migraine sufferer, she discovered that regular sessions not only alleviated her headaches but also improved her overall physical and mental well-being. This firsthand experience ignited her desire to help others find relief from pain and make self-care an integral part of their lives.

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Qualifications and Education

Amy holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Evolve College, where she gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in various massage techniques. In addition, she is a skilled Myofascial Cupping Practitioner, further enhancing her ability to address specific client needs.

Professional Development

Amy remains committed to her professional growth and continually strives to expand her skill set. She recently completed a course in hot stone massage, ensuring that she can offer a diverse range of therapeutic options to her clients.

For Amy, the most rewarding aspect of being a remedial massage therapist is building connections with her clients and witnessing their progress. She takes pride in helping individuals overcome physical discomfort, improve their mobility, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, and beloved dog Narla. They love exploring the beautiful beaches together, engaging in yoga practices, and experimenting with new recipes. According to her loved ones, Amy is renowned for her mouth-watering chocolate brownies!

Originally from New Zealand, Amy has proudly called Australia home since 2012. Her diverse background adds a unique perspective to her practice and allows her to connect with clients from various walks of life.

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staff place holder image

Reegan James

Chiropractic Assistant

Reegan was inspired to work in the chiropractic field as he has a passion for health, longevity and peak performance in sports and in life. He has a long history of working as a skills and development trainer with athletes, from juniors to professionals. Reegan also has considerable experience working in customer service.

As a CA, Reegan enjoys building connections with many people from different walks of life. He also takes a lifelong approach to learning, soaking in as much information from the experiences of his co-workers. “I feel privileged to learn more, upskill and care for my health as optimally as possible.”

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Outside The Practice

Outside the practice, Reegan is a skills and development coach in basketball and, more importantly, a father to three amazing children!

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